Our Goal:

We support the Sheboygan community to reach their full potential

Our Approach

— Our Mission

To empower and uplift the community in which we live. Giving all individuals in Sheboygan the power to achieve their dreams.

Our Vision

To empower and support the Black community members in Sheboygan with resources and tools in an effort to promote and encourage economic growth, academic success, job/employment skills while encouraging and providing opportunities to serve the community.

Our Offerings

We facilitate safe learning spaces. We offer: Youth and family mentoring, financial literacy training and resources, diversity training for employers, job/employment skills, academic assistance, collaboration with schools, and connecting families and individuals to community-based resources.

What We Do

The Black-American Community Outreach Organization is focused on five areas of focus that serve as an overall benefit for those individuals that desire to be part of a peaceful community. The five areas of focus are:


Education & Leadership Training


Job Search & Placement Assistance


Community Service & Volunteerism


Mentorship Opportunities


Event Planning

These five areas of focus are designed to advance and individuals knowledge of the community, increase the utilization of needed resources, understand, and provide support that enhances their overall quality of life, and allows them to build relationships and partnerships that are helpful in advancing the lives of Black Americans within the Sheboygan Community.